K9 Sport Snuggler – Dog Jacket Insert

10.490 Ft

A K9 Sport Snuggler melegen tarja a kutyusodat a K9 Sport Sack hátizsákban még a hűvösebb téli napokon is!

The K9 Sport Snuggler was designed to keep your pet warm and comfortable so he/she doesn’t miss out on cold adventures. This down alternative insert is fully enclosed with a hood and front leg holes to match the collar enclosure of the K9 Sport Sack perfectly and ensure your pet’s maximum comfort.





Merc approved

This product does it’s job. It keeps Merc nice and cozy in the cold weather. He’s never liked hoods, so he’s always pulling them off. I really like the drawstring because it keeps the hood on him. It was a little tricky to put on him, as his back legs get tucked into it (it’s like a sleeping bag), and I’m sure with practice we will get the hang of it. I may have missed it, but a how-to video would be great! It really helped us get him into the sport sack.
Merc (and I) say thank you for your products! This way, he’s never left behind!

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