Versele-Laga Nature Original Cavia 750 gr (tengeri malac / guinea pig)

1.490 Ft (nettó 1.173 Ft)

Varied, high-fibre mixture for guinea pigs

Nature Original Cavia is a complete feed customised to fulfil the nutritional needs of guinea pigs. This premium mixture of tasty ingredients contains all necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to live a carefree life full of vitality. The fibres, herbs, vegetables and fruits contained in the mixture account for an excellent digestion, good dental care, a shiny fur and perfect health. The wide variety of ingredients guarantees a high palatability and uptake. This makes Nature Original the perfect choice for a daily portion of indulgence for your guinea pig!


  • A highly varied mixture: fibres, herbs, vegetables and fruit
  • Enriched with all the necessary nutrients for an optimal condition
  • Tasty fibre-rich food for a good ingestion and digestion; no pressed pellets

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